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Information on How to Recycle/Dispose of Various Items in Montgomery County: Montgomery County has provided an extensive list with information on how to recycle and dispose of various objects for its residents.

DC Residential Recycling – Acceptable Materials: Residents can find comprehensive lists of recyclable materials that will be picked up by the Department of Public Works for Washington, DC.

Commercial Recycling in DC: Businesses and commercial properties can come here to learn about local DC laws pertaining to recycling.

National Recycling Programs: People can find various sorts of recycling programs ranging from electronics and batteries to miscellaneous and household items. Viewers are provided with mailing addresses and a brief description of what the recycling company will do with the materials.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The EPA organized this page to inform people on how to reduce and reuse their waste, as well as recycling basics.

Earth911: Earth911 provides viewers with innovative ways of recycling products that they might not otherwise deem to be recyclable. They also delve into the mysteries of specific items that the majority of people are unsure whether or not they are recyclable.

Recycle My Cell Phone: The Recycle My Cell Phone campaign is founded by Earthworks and aims to upcycle old cell phone materials, so materials can be reintroduced into the industrial cycle rather than be put into landfills.

Wheels for Wishes: A non-profit organization benefiting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic that tows away and recycles or auctions off old vehicles for charity.

recycling Tradsey is a fashion resale site, where customers can buy high-end fashion ranging from wedding dressing and handbags to jeans and active wear. Tradsey follows the new economic model of collaborative consumption, and allows customers to put their own gently used clothing up for sale as well.

Cradle-to-Cradle: Like Recycling on Natural Organic Whole-Grain Steroids: Cradle-to-Cradle is a new concept of recycling proposed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Instead of products being designed in a cradle-to-grave fashion, they propose that they are manufactured in a closed loop system known as cradle-to-cradle.

Kirby Metal Recycling: Kirby Metal Recycling is an organization that recycles metal items and then manufactures it back into usable forms. Their aim is to keep metal resources in the manufacturing loop and out of landfills.

Tour the Montgomery County Recycling Center: The Division of Solid Waste Services in Montgomery County allows visitors to come and tour their facilities and gain some exposure to what happens to their recycled items. This page provides information on how to schedule an appointment to take a tour and their hours of operation.

How a Materials Recovery Facility Works: Materials recycling facilities (MRFs) play a vital role in the recycling process. Here people can learn about the steps their recycled items go through to become new products.

National Recycling Coalition: The National Recycling Coalition is a national non-profit advocacy group that represents every sector of the recycling industry. They provide members with tools and resources to convey the important benefits that recycling provides to the economy and environment.


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US Environmental Protection Agency – Composting for Facilities: This site provides basic information on composting including the benefits, the composting process, and different types of composting. This site focuses more on the science behind composting and various aspects that need to be considered, such as oxygen flow and temperature.

Different Types of Composting: People can come to this site to learn about various types of composting and choose which one is right for them. The main page provides information about the most common types of composting, but also provides links for more obscure types of composting.

Composting for Beginners: This site provides useful information and a “how to” for all new composters. It gives information on everything that a beginning composter may need ranging from why to compost to tips and problems one can encounter.

Materials for Composting: Viewers can find list of materials that can be composted in at home compost piles. Lists also include information about the material so that composters can keep their piles healthy.

Where to Find Compost Bins in Montgomery County: This link allows viewers to know where they can get secure compost bins in the Montgomery County. People living in the area have access to free composting bins provided at the listed sites.

composting-with-wormsWorm Composting: New composters can come to this site to learn about worm composting. This page includes how to compost using worms, a fact sheet, and videos about worm composting. Visitors can come to this site to learn where to pick up composting worms, and worm suppliers in their area. The site has a database of worm farms from all over the world so interested parties can find the one closest to them.

Food Waste Calculator: This page provides a Food Waste Calculator created by the EPA, so that organizations can calculate the costs and benefits of the food they are wasting.

US Composting Council: The US Composting Council is a national organization that aims towards advancing the composting industry by working with policy-makers, compost producers, regulators, and professionals. The US Composting Council also is involved in research, training, education, and expanding compost markets and public support.

Find Compostable Dishware: WorldCentric offers a variety of compostable dishware that can be purchased in packs or cases.

The Compost Crew: The Compost Crew is a local company that specializes in composting materials. They take a wide variety of organic waste. The Compost Crew works with restaurants, small businesses, apartment complexes, individual homes, and events in the Montgomery County area and Northwest DC area. They will even give your compost back in the form of rich soil that is great for gardening.

Compost Cab: Compost Cab is a composting company for the Washington, DC area that specializes in urban compost. They work with schools, the commercial sector, and individual homes. Compost can either be picked up at the location of the subscriber or dropped off at designated drop off centers. They also provide a soil exchange program in which participants can have fresh soil delivered to their homes.



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