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We Are…

  • Recycling bins located at Bethesda’s busiest corners.
  • Neighbors empowering neighbors to live a greener lifestyle.
  • A green business incubator for the region’s most promising startups.
  • A hub for innovative solutions to promote sustainable living practices.
  • An education center showcasing green solutions in the heart of downtown Bethesda.

We are a community of individuals, businesses and leaders who care about the future of our planet.  And, we see possibilities for Bethesda to be a local model for transforming communities everywhere.

A ‘green’ or environmentally sustainable community needs commitment and investment at every level. Therefore, Bethesda Green is creating a ground-breaking model of collaboration to address the many challenges facing our community. We serve as a hub with a mission to promote sustainable living practices, build a healthy economy and reduce our collective impact on the environment.

We achieve our mission with a focus on three strategic areas:

  • Incubate Green Businesses – Stimulate next generation of sustainable businesses
  • Educate the Community About Sustainability – Raise awareness and inspire action through programs, online communications and education center
  • Facilitate the Implementation of Green Solutions – Catalyst for physical infrastructure and programs that make Bethesda a more sustainable community

Come join us as we reduce our environmental footprint, strengthen our local economy, and inspire an environmental ethic. Together, we can make this area a better place for us to live, work and play, and a model that is being replicated beyond this region.

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Capital One Bank
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The Bernstein Companies
Chevy Chase Acura Nissan
Cohn Reznick 

Consultance Accounting Services
LetterSpace Creative
MOM's Organic Market
Aveya Creative

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Bethesda Green
located on the second floor of the Capital One Bank Branch
4825 Cordell Avenue, Suite 200, Bethesda, Maryland 20814
phone: 240-396-2440
info@bethesdagreen.org   volunteer@bethesdagreen.org
Bethesda Green: We are a public-private partnership that promotes sustainable growth and sustainable living practices. Bethesda Green brings together business, government and the community to create a dynamic model of sustainable living right here in Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda Green created the first green business incubator in Montgomery County and we help individuals lead greener lives as well.
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