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Solar Bethesda Photo   Solar Bethesda photo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 am - 4 pm

Bethesda Green
4825 Cordell Avenue
Suite 200

A FREE Solar Expo!

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  • Hear from neighbors living with solar
  • Get info on costs, benefits, rebates, tax credits
  • Check your home's solar readiness with satellite mapping
  • Meet local solar companies
  • Activities for kids

See Solar Bethesda 2011 press release

Last year, we welcomed over 250 attendees to our inaugural Solar Bethesda expo, featuring solar vendors, non-profit organizations and government experts.  Visitors could learn about about residential solar, map their homes' solar readiness from a computer, and even complete a 3-minute evaluation to produce a cost and savings estimate for going solar at their home.

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Our objective is to educate and enable homeowners to make rational and informed decisions about solar energy as a renewable energy source.  We thank our sponsors for their support.

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Solar Honey
Common Cents Solar
Montgomery County Dept. of Environmental Protection
Maryland Energy & Sustainability Coop

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Thanks to Bethesda Green intern and Tulane University student Mark Strella for preparing the articles and information presented here.

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Solar Bethesda:  Come to our solar energy event for homeowners! Solar Bethesda is a free solar expo for homeowners in the Bethesda area. Learn about solar rebates and tax credits, hear from neighbors who have solar power or solar hot water, check your home's solar readiness, and meet local solar contractors. Solar Bethesda takes place June 25 at Bethesda Green.

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